Had ICT today, was friendstering with Merlyn & Wanting till the end of ICT.
I had fun with them! :D They were so damn funny! xD
After that had P.E, stupid hot sunny weather!
I'm already so "White", still want me to face the SUN!! D:
Played captain ball using rugby ball ._. So freaking hard to catch!
Plus the stupid hot weather, how to concentrate! D:
While playing halfway, I felt like vomiting D:
Told teacher that I wanna take a rest and she sound as if I was lying ._.
Maybe she know I rugby. *Laughs*
Recessed, then Mathes! oh god! I dislike mathes! nono, I HATE mathes! D:
& I my mathes teacher too, he damn pick-against-me type one.. Irritating like hell! & He dunt speak! He spray! Spray out suay water on me & so suay I was in the front loh! D: I really really, really really, wanna bring my to class leh! xD
Haha! okay, VV.
Friday! Must wear your own clothes to school ._.
Should I wear or should I not? D:
Taking full-T4E photo on that day! :D But I just can't make out my mind on what to wear!
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