I ♥ T4E GANG!! :D

I'm back I'm back! xD
I'm back after being so busy for like 3 days & without touching the comp for 2 days!
Went to Wendi's house ytd for Lili&Linjin's birthday party celebration :D
After school, walked home with Ziyi first then meet up with Linjin they all :D
While walking halfway, decided to take 859 straight to Yishun, was eating our ice cream then xD
Didn't realise that our tongue turned purple! But the ice cream is really nice :D

Ziyi so damn funny, *Laughs*

Reached Yishun then met Linjin&Wendi(: Shopped for fooooooood!!
Then I went home to change my clothes first :D
Phoned LJ & found her at ABC supermarket xD Helped her to carry stuff & I bought balloons to scare Lili! xD
Blown all balloons & my middle finger skin peeled off D:
Tie too much balloons, it's still so darn pain! x(
6.ooPM +, Lili,Chunyong,Xiaoli came :D
Me & Ziyi started bursting balloons infront of them as I know Lili was scared of balloons xD
She almost cried..
I did video-ed it, but Lili dunt want me to publish it in blog xD
& I promised her, so, no videos of Lili screaming & crying ;x
Blowed cakes before Chenxin老师 gtg,
After blowing, Ray smsed come said he was coming,
I was like wth! I seriously dunt believe lah ;x
I thought he was lying luh! ITE, me, sis & LJ went t fetch him.
*I still haven kill lili!!!*
Played True Or Dare & I'm so lucky to not kenna any! :D
Wendi's punishment is the most funniest of all xD
People who asked me will know what lah! xD
Went home arnd 9.ooPM :D

Ahhhh! Tmr must wear home clothes, stupid day! >:D
oh yah! We are taking FULL-T4E tmr :D *Highs*

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