If only, friendship could last forever.

Current mood: Jealousy.

I can't explain this feeling,

I think about it everyday.

HIIII, I'm back t blogging :D
Schooling, as per normal :/
I f.hate MR.T! MR.T damn unreasonable lah!
So damn fed up! :@ People who sat behind me, infront me, beside me, will know who I'm talking about ;x
Walau, dunt anyhow aim me lah! I'm innocent leh! @.@
Somemore got no sence of privacy one loh. *Asshole*
After school, waited for Sann♥ t dismiss from school as I release ealier than her x.x
Thought that she wasn't feeling well so wna accompany her.
Anw, while waiting, me & Ziyi♥ went t canteen t eat & blahs.
This stupid Ziyi♥ hor, anyhow litter until so obvious, which is infront of t teacher, got scolded to throw t litter to t dustbin, & I was freaking dragged in too :/
Today damn suay lah! ><" After that, Sann♥ was dismissed, so I bused t sembawang with her :D Then she said she wna go t Woodlands t buy earstick, accompanied her there :D
Went t Power9 first t buy her earsticks :D , then shopped arnd(:
If I did not remember wrongly, we went t Action City, which Sann♥ said was indeed very actionly xD
Went t Minibits t check out on Camera Necklace, which me & Sann♥ wanted very long ago, but there isn't any D:
So we went t Minitoons t look arnd again :D
I ♥ that Domo wallet leh! D: *A pity that it isn't pink* D:
Saving $$$ ;p
Walked & I saw Sheryl♥ :D
I read her blog & she said she wna follow Hwee Yee♥ t pierce her ear, didn't know she pierced already not, heehee ;p
After that, we went t Pasar Malam there t shop arnd again :D
I saw so many Hello Kitty♥♥ stuffs there leh! Walau, should have brought more $$ :/
But even if I DO have $$, Sann♥ U should know why I still WON'T buy lah hor ;p
So soon after, we trained back home with different trains(:
Short day, but fun day with Sann♥ :D:D

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