Sick day! D:

current mood: Sick, over.

To a place,

Just U & ME.

Ahhh! Anyone know how t type chinese in Photoshop7? D:
I've changed t language bar t Chinese PRC liao leh,
but still can't have any chinese wordings coming out):

Was almost late for school tday, wanted t take taxi with Ah Hui♥ de, but can only sit 4 people.
At that time, there were 5 of us, t bloody hell taxi driver dunt allow luh.
Sann♥ was left behind, I sacrificed & waited for t bus with her ;x
& t bloody hell bus was packed with stupid people who just wouldn't want t move in.
Me & Sann♥ was left with no choice but t chiong t school.
Bloody hell school that's so bloody hell far.
Bloody hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllll!!!

I felt so sick when I reached school, damn no mood.
I was sick & yet stupid Liyan dunt want t lend me her english paper!!! D:
okay, just joking.
I feel better now, not gna experience that feeling anymore.
Whoever it is, just make me wake up from my beauty sleep lah! D:
I must reach school early tmr!
NO MORE running! NO MORE rushing! NO MORE panting!
Am I for real? :/
Hahaha, duh ._.
Today MR.T never come t school! :D
Yayness!(: *My praying works! Did he fell to t drain?*
Hahaha! KD! xD
After school, bused home with Sann♥, Ah Hui♥, Soph♥, Ziyi♥ :D
oh yah Sann♥! ThankU for your chocolates! :D
KFC-ed with Soph♥ & Ziyi♥ then trained back home ler(:
Everyday is a short & simple day filled with fun & laughters.
I ♥ my friends, do they ♥ me too?

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