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Your Japanese Name Is...
Yuriko Konjo

I was really bored so I played around at Blogthings.com :D
Was finding Japanese names cause I find them interesting(:
Yuriko Konjo, Yuriko Konjo, Yuriko Konjo!
I like! :D
Hehehs! xD

I wasn't really in a good mood this morning,
so sorry for letting you worry guys.
I seriously dont know what happened also,
It's just.. So different.
A! You must cheerup okay!
Hahas! Me & Z managed to make A laugh xD
But Z will have to sacrifice abit :p
So sorry lahhhh hor! xD
Hahas! It was oh so funny when A suddenly laugh out xD

Mummy was back ytd midnight! :D
Bought lots of horror VCDs(:
& Shorts! Yay! New shorts!

I find myself so boring -.-
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