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I am back people! Yes! After decades, yay!
Haahaas! During these MIA process, I've got to get close with lotsa people..
Like Amelia, Joanne, Baoling, Xiaorene & Wendy.
We have been mass conversation-ing :D

oh! & Thanks for BAOLING for everything!
She's the one that helped me with my blog :D
Without her, I will never get to open back my blog D:
So thanks alot!
Hmm, I guess some people are gonna recieve some things from me, wait and see hah! xD
I got to know other different types of Jap sites too! Huala! Heehee! :B

I've got so much to update! So must visit my blog everyday hah! :D
& PEOPLE! Replug my plugboard! I've recreated an account because the previous one was messy! Chockful of unactive links D:
My alffiliates corner was edited too!
Removed quite a number of links because there was so many dead links too..
I will only be linking people whom I'm closed to or people whom I know :D
I've created plurk too :D
I'm still learning how to use it, hahas!
oh! Add me :D Here's the link!

Click click!

Haahaas! okay, tag me before you go & be back tomorrow!

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