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Sorry for the late posting! Holidays have been so boring for me to update anything D:
Sister was telling me to play with her "play-do"? Whatever it is spelled! xD
okay, I was entertaining my sister by playing with her.. ok fine, I admit I was childish, hahaha!
I made so many cute shapes out of this!
Do not copy me! I cracked my brain just to think of this cutesy thing! Hahahas!

So cute right!! :D
I'm not refering to myself, it's the cutesy things with cutesy faces! xD
My favourite one is the pumpkin in orange! c:
What's yours? :B
omg, can I eat them? If only they're real, cutesy!

So yup, I've finally blogged..
Give me inspirations on what to blog leh!
& I haven decide on what to put in the Calendar slot! D:
Maybe I'll put freebies? Shall see shall see xD

& Yay! 12 more days and I'm off to Thailand!
Even tho I'll miss blogging, I still can't wait to go!
12 more days, 12 more days!Chanting 12 more days...
But while I'm on a long holiday in Thailand, I can't update plurk! D:
How how how?! My karma is so gonna drop, sad man :(
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