I love you, you love me. We are happy family.
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,
won't you say you love me too?

Phew, I had such a long day ytd so I didn't come online for ONE FREAKING DAY!
*Hugs computer and say I miss you* LOLOL.
Yes, and because of one stupid day I didn't touch the mouse and keyboard, my plurk's karma went downdowndown AGAIN! Ahhhhhhh!
My tagboard is flooded with tags so I'm gonna reply them later :D
Heeheehee, yay! I love tags, hahahas!

Yesterday went to my mum's friend's house at block 700+
Played with their hamster, which is my dream pet T__T
Butbutbut, I going overseas lah, so cannot buy yet..
Maybe wait until I come back? Hmm..
Hamsters are so kawaii-neh! waaaaa ^___^

I've finished my craps, so fast right? Holiday bores mah :(
ohoh! Turn on your speakers, I've changed my blog's song :D
Recommended by my stupid cousin Ryan.. Hahas!
Sounds so sweet hor ^__^
I go see my daily blogs already, woohooo!

Yay, it's Azaria's birthday today! :D
okay fine, I admit I did forgotten about her birthday, luckily Ziyi reminded me xD
I was kind of "busy" with some other thing, so Azaria, if you wanna know ask me why :B
You'll get your pressie after I have came back from Thailand :B
Heeheehee :D:D:D

Even tho it's only 1year 2 months and 23 days since I know you, you're still my very best friend including T4Es!

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