East Coat Park!!

I decided to go to East Coast Park with my auntie, sis and cousins today
Pictures were taken but it was all with my uncle, will post it up when i recieve from him I had lots of fun even tho i was disgusted by all those sand that were on my clothes kicked by my cousins.
They'll be going back to China on tuesday and i'll definately miss them
They're not from china, they have to live and school there because their parents work there. So yeah, very sad lah. Long long one time then can see them
I hope to go to east coast park again the next time they come back to Singapore!!

Thank you Doris for sending me some destop icons and helped me search for valentine fonts and helped me quite a number of things too

Thank you Amelia for willing to send me the font that i wanted

Thank you Pailin for giving me such a expensive gift "Blue Bubble Chair" in ps
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