Movie with history students

Love her korean hair.

School's fine today, geog paper was also fine but i don't think i'll pass tho. Mathes spells fail. Got back my Biology paper and was kinda happy with the results anw even tho i wish i could be higher than liyana's!!

After school, i was gonna go back home when Ziyi told me to go with them to watch movies with the history students. Felt a lil extra tho because imma geog student
But after knowing Xiaoli is going, i decided to go along too then
Well, i find the show kinda boring in the start, and i keep laughing at Pei san's jokes. Shared with Hewson and Yew wei a few popcorns since i can't finish, hahaha! I don't like popcorns that much actually, i prefer candyfloss yea I keep laughing at Ray also, for getting shocked so easily when i already know that sudden sound effects of bomb will definately happen Ray and Kyrine look like couples, hahaha! Shall not say much because i know he will read my blog
I sneezed half way thru the movie because i'm starting to feel cold.. So wanted to steal yew wei's jacket Hahaha. i sneeze very weird meh? Stupid guys infront suddenly turned back

Went to popular after the movie ends and i found the file that i wanted!! Well, got to know that file since Merlyn has it.. Just a simple file but it's love at first sight! Because of it's clear folder's quality. I'm feeling sleepy, i wanna sleep but my sis is having tuition! *Yawns*
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