I forgotten to bring my MT textbook again.. I thought my teacher is going to scold us again for sharing one book with 4 people(Liyan, Merlyn, Ziyi & me)
But phew, she didn't, and thats weird
But, the 4 of us got scolded from ah fool. Not really scolding tho, just nag nag nag ninna-ninna-ni
My Liyan darling cried today you know Seeing her crying, very heart pain luh. You shouldn't have taken it so seriously lah, nag nag nag ninna-ninna-ni only mah, don't cry ok? Remember pachipate, remember barkek

Had english oral today, i think im gonna fail.
I'm talking like a primary school kid! I wanna stab my brain so bad. ok kidding kidding. Aiya, oral sucks lah. I never like oral, i'm nervous actually.
Sorry Melvin
Hey, ignore this part. I'm just posting this to myself ((((:
When i reached home, i went downstairs to buy some things with my mum and out of a sudden, i asked whether did we ever own a dog before.
Because i remembered i complained something to my mum when i was young.
I was like:"Mummy! What's this thing?? Take it away, it's scary!"
Like WTF. I wanna kill myself for being so mean!
I don't even know how the dog looks like, because.. ah shit.
I hate the past them for abandoning that dog, irresponsible.
They're mean. My young self is.. MEAN

I'm gonna watch channel 8's 9PM show,
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