Today is hella boring.
Had geography for the first period today and i kept laughing with Aini
Then we had chinese. My chinese test marks machiam shit manszxc.
Bio was okay i think, even tho i find it more and more boring..
And indeed, i predicted that..
I will sleep during mathes and phy class! And so, i really did.
It's so boring can and the teacher is like talking to himself But i was caught after a few minutes and dang. I'm freaking tired.
But i was awake when it comes to POA because i have to copy some stuffs from ziyi and was filing some worksheets that auntie goh bombed my file
Just one more bomb, i'm gonna leave that dead file aside. I'm so lazy to repack all again whenever she takes out all my worksheets
oh geeszxc.

I skipped ceramic today because i was lazy to go and natsy wasn't going also so i decided to fly away Hahaha.
Then while waiting for natsy's friend, we saw yew wei upstairs and kyrine they all were saying about how cute his dimple was and lalala. He got a weird look that's like uh.. Want to smile don't smile one you know? Hahahaha, Funny la he. And Happy Birthday Kyrine!! She's very friendly even tho i'm not really close to her, hahas
Bused 859 with natsy then home sweet home


I still remember this picture
We wanted to take the girls only but the boys just pop out from nowhere :B
okay sa-yo-na-ra.

Was looking at my cousin's blog when i saw these 2 pictures of the baby bunnies she have

Cute hur?
And thanks lara

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