Little things do wonders

School today was so fun but kinda boring in SS & EL lesson.
Had P.E lesson today BUT, i did not go change up to my PE shirt again..
Well, all the girls were like slacking at the side there and this Merlyn starts taking random shots of the girls
oh yea! Mogan and Natsy said there was a strong wind on 220409 eh?
Why i don't know eh! I must be sleeping like stewpig
Mogan said it's because of his room's photo frame dropped on Mogan's head thats why he woke up and sense the strong wind
They said the wind will be back on SEPTEMBER..
I'm not gonna sleep, i'll wait.
Because.. I never see before leh
I know cannot see lah, but.. aiya! You know what i mean lah! :B
I don't care ah. *waiting for sep*

Recessed with Merlyn they all today and Linda so cute lah :B
But assembling in the hall today is nono good..
I wanna kill yew wei and especially, wee ann!!!! mehlaisootopia! (My sis taught me this)
I'm laughing at the way wee ann force stanley to go on stage luh.
But he thought i was happy for stanley
You gotta be kidding, eek.

Had physics quiz today, or was it a test?
The first paper was okay, everyone was quiet as if it was really a test.
But during the second paper, Melvin said to the girls that, eh. Quiz can discuss one right? And the class starts to whisper here and there alr
And yea, tay susu just keep shouting shut our mouse. Hahaha!

Bused home with Liyan today!
The bus today siao one uh, i almost fall today
I'm laughing at Liyan because of something.
Something ah Liyan, shhh

I'm suddenly motivated to study, why who har?
Haha, thanks Stacy, i re-read the birthday card you gave me
Sometimes, little things do wonders
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