okay okay, i'm blogging, like finally..
This is the fourth time i am clicking on "Create New Post".
Because i can't made up my mind whether should i post or should i not as i think it's gonna bore you

School today was okay, even tho i'm freaking tired!
I don't why uh, maybe it's because of all those nightmares.
I've 5ive nightmares last week!
I already forgot what nightmares i had but i am so damn irritated by it manszxc.
But if i did not remembered wrongly, i had a(gettit, it's a) very nice dream last week also I dreamt of SG, FG and KIM HYUN JOONG!
Hahaha, okay vv.
So when i'm sleeping in class, don't disturb me okeh? Xiexie~

I'm going to Natsy's house soon, we'll be baking(or was it making?) cookies.. I will give to all my darlings if it's nice okay? if it's nice okay? if it's nice.. Hahaha!
And anyway, natsy, cheer up okay.
Chill chill, don't because of her nangis ok.
Kau remember, aku cinta kau
I wanna learn malay.. Merlyn!! We will learn malay tgt tmr ok? She's so funny during bio lesson today lah.
ily all

So tired lah. FDE.
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