Random post

I think Lady Gaga is so pretty! Don't you think don't you think?

Hehehe, i know this is a random post because i happen to be hearing lady gaga's songs this morning Bet merlyn would be singing pokerface when she sees this

I'm back to plurk already, and my karma is soo low!
The last time i plurked is when i came back from thailand, must be too bored with plurk already so i dumped it

But i'm back now! okay, add me if you haven!
Click here to view or add!
I wanna get more karma because i wanna have more smileys for plurk

I've been playing with Restaurant City nowadays and it loads so slow! And if it managed to load, it keep disconnecting

Ah anw, this is my current plurk layout! I looove it~

Will be going out with mum tomorrow i guess..
Monday is my mum's birthday and she'll be going genting with her friends So we'll be like celebrating with her in advance, yupyup.
We'll probably be eating sushi~ yumyum, my fav!
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