Thanks Amelia!

Weeee! Nowadays i'm hopping to sites alot! And thanks to AMELIA alot for sending me some links of photoshop textures and guide to use it!

Was playing around with photoshop nowadays and i'm happy i learnt something new which i only shared with amelia!

okay, was playing around tho.
Don't have any nice pics so i chose the overdue chinese new year pic i've taken with my cousin this year

and this again. I love the rainbows! Thanks amelia again!

Still a beginner in textures whooops.

I bump into a site that i've been finding for so long again!
I found that site last year but forgot where i saved the link but i found it again in the end!
Guess this weekend is lucky for me!

New pic again!
I kinda miss my long hair, but i like my current hair.
I love the lightings in the pic
Qing said i look younger in this pic, haha!
Yeah, because that's me in 2008 whoooops~

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