Return of my temptation of BOF!

Just got back from school..
I'm feeling so tired! I've been sleeping every night at 12AM+ because of..
Boys Over Flowers! Yes, it's back it's back!
The temptation of continueing watching it, is back!
Hahaha, i'm lazy to wait for every saturday to watch it on TV

Therefore, i watched it on Youtube!
one of the user's quality is very clear! I love it!
I'm in episode 22 now.
Anw, i took this 2 screenshots of the "wedding shoot" of Ji Hoo and Jan Di!

Haha, Ji Hoo is so freaking handsome when he's wearing that wedding costume!!
I love it when he's in white, he looks like a prince charming!
Plus the other episode that he was wearing white, holding the horse, WOAHH!

I like the part that Jan Di hug Ji Hoo when she's so happy because of Ji Hoo exchanging the ticket for.. meat?? Haha!

Then the part when Ga Eul can't stop crying because she was touched of what Jae Kyung did. She's so cute! And of course speaking of Ga Eul, there will be KIM BUM! I love Kim Bum too! Especially when he smiles! *melts*

BOF is my very first korean drama and my very favourite!

I'm gonna watch bof later, then i'll play sims 2!
Tatas all!
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