Promissu. *updated*

Hi readers!
I've not blogged for 9 days because my life is going through the same routine.
School > Exams > Home > Computer > Sleep.
So there's nothing for me to blog and plus..
I kinda lose interest in blogging.

Went to school late this morning, not on purpose, but overslept.
Schools today is horrible, because my hair is messy and because i forgotten to bring some of my stuffs.

I think it's due to me, rushing to school this morning so i forgotten alot of things.
I still don't like my biology teacher, she's getting unreasonable each day. Tsk.

I like my school's detention teacher, he's friendly and humorous!
So when i had detention today with my friend, instead of dieing of boredom inside the detention room, we're laughing like nobody's business.

okay, really boring post.
What to do when my life is so boring?
Till the next post, baibai.

What's so special about students? We can dream with our eyes open.
okay really random, baibai!
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