Merry christmas 2009! *banners updated on 29 dec*

Happy Christmas!

omona! recieved so many gifts from cyberfriends today!
Even though i don't celebrate christmas in real life, i feel so christmasy in cyberworld!

but anyway, thanks to you all for the christmas gifts!

thanks amelia!

thanks wyona!

thanks yuukiko!

thanks wanching!

thanks vicki!

thanks mikayla!

thanks mavis!

thanks liza!

thanks kim!

thanks jolene!

thanks jen!

thanks jean!

thanks helena!

thanks hanna!

thanks fanny!

thanks euge!

thanks edwin!

thanks cynthia!

thanks cynna!

thanks april!

thanks agnes!

thanks hester!

thanks mika!

thanks xiao bel bel!

thanks ivy!

thanks sophia!

thanks xieing!

thanks brenda!

Thanks everybody! Hope you had a happy christmas!

I think santa read my wishings ytd, because my dream came true, in my dreams last night.

~난 희망을 당신은 행복했다 성탄절
비록 당신 수도 날 잊은 이미~

사랑, xx.
"Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?"
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