Happy 2010! *updated on 2nd jan*

Happy 2010!

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010!
Went for countdown yesterday , it was pretty fun because i get to countdown with my mom this year.
*normally she counts down with her friends*

okay anyway, thanks all for the gifts again!

thanks brenda! (2 gifts)

thanks zhouyen!

thanks yuukiko!

thanks renise!

thanks jolene!

thanks hester!

thanks fanny!

thanks jiayi!

thanks josephine!

thanks mavis!

Sorry if i did not give any new year gifts to anyone
was pretty busy and tired this few days.

Looks like everyone got their new resolutions list.
well for me, i'm not gonna list any list of resolutions. Because i just wanna live a happy life.
what's yours will be yours, what can be done, will be done!
So just let it flow~~

Went to northpoint today! Bought accessories and a new bag!
I love my new bag to the maximum! Maybe i will post a picture of it tmr as i still have not taken a picture of it yet...
See you readers tmr!

*all smileys used in my post are already asked from the creators! Do not try to rip or i'll rip you apart!
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