New bag!

Like i said in yesterday's post, i'll be posting a picture of my new bag.
ignore the stupid tag, i'm just lazy to remove it.
picture of cookie, my new bag! i name it cookie because it's brown in colour

I think i'm gonna go out tomorrow! so i'll blog again if i really did went out
2 more days and i have to go back to school thinking about it makes me feel so... stress.
I'm still on holiday mood! I want to go back to thailand and forget all my troubles!
but it's not really possible now...

but anyway... as i was surfing the net, i saw these 2 pictures!
Don't they look yummy!!

Don't you feel like eating now? well if you don't...
i do!
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  1. Lovely new bag. I always loved those kind of bag! hehe :)


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