My new ear piercing

OMGGG, i'm so happy because i finally got another ear piercing My favourite piercing at the top of the ear
went to causeway with sophia, suhui & my sister yesterday as i don't wanna go home early...

actually, i changed my mind when we went to power9 (the shop i got my piercing) since i'm scared of pain
But sophia and suhui went to tell the person that i wanna pierce when i wasn't even ready

But it's not really pain after all I totally love my new piercing!
will try to take a picture of it after i change to another stud
and that will be 1 week later before i can remove it

Anw... if you're observant, you would realise that my haloscan is gone
Because haloscan has officially closed down. And they've upgraded to some other server which i think it sucks.
So i'm using blogger comment system. if you're commenting, please use Name/URL instead of blogger account.

because i won't know your blog link to reply back your comment.

Going out later, and maybe i will be changing my spectacles, again!
Not sure should i change though, will decide later on...

My birthday presents this year! Sorry for the late publishing, was lazy to edit.
there are still more, will post them next time as i still have not transfer the pictures from my phone to my pc.
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  1. Remember to use NAME/URL to comment! ♥

  2. Ouhhhhhh! I love your chalkboard birthday present.
    Sooooooo cute!!
    So sorry I couldn't get you anything for your birthday!

  3. The birthday presents are so cuteeeeeeeee' !

  4. Saw my chalkboard and card hahas! Glad you've enjoyed your day~~^^

  5. LISA LISA ! Aw manxsz. I think i can't meet u up this year.. :( As my mum and dad always said that i am too small. What about after PSLE or next year? I would persuade my parents for that. Sorry seriously.
    Thanks for ur understanding too.
    And oh ! U got quite alot of birthday present ! *envy* LOL, jkjk.
    But i saw a chalkboard ~ So cute <3

  6. @ Qing: ehehe yeahhh! :D thanks alot~~~ ^-^

  7. your gifts are so kawaii!! ^^

  8. wow I'm not wearing ear piercing since I was on 9 grade, cause my ear piercing always lost 1! and I don't know why it's always like that >.< and wow you got a lot present lisa kekeke :P

  9. OMG!! the gifts look Super CUTE!!! all are in adorable pink^^ btw, love ur pic editing style :)

  10. Hi! ^^ Wow, a new piercing. I don't have my ears pierced yet. TT__TT I will get them done this Summer though, I think. ^^

    Also the presents you got look so cute! ^^ I love how you present your photographs. You have a cute style.


  11. wow! lucky you! i've always wanted to get a pierce at the top of my ear >_< but i was kinda worried if its painful

  12. i want a pierce too, but...scared of the pain x((
    anyway love the gifts, especially the chalkboard, i can't find anything here in the phil :))

  13. woooow is so cuteeeee , adorable , amazing ○(*o*)○¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ congratulations

  14. Hahaha, thanks! (: Mine quite fun bah ... spend it in HK! Hahaha! xD & such a coincidence, i went to causeway yesterday too! ^^ but spend most of the time in the regional lib nearby. hahas! woah, so many kawaii gifts huh! =))

  15. Yup! ~ Went there ard 2 plus then go to the lib there with my friends to discuss smth. hahas! ^^

  16. OMG I love ur birthday presents :X they are super cuteeee xD

    btw, i really really wanna have an ear piercing at each ear :( but my parents dont allow me to do that.

  17. wow i just love your birthday presents. they are so lovely :D
    aww haloscan is down ?:(

    btw, i wanna see your new ear piercing :D

  18. Congrats to you! I'm scared of those stuff that's why I'm just sticking w/ the original piercings, haha! :P

  19. Testing testing 1 2 3.
    Lisa's pretty! Say YAY! ^o^\/

  20. Ahh I've wanted the same type of ear piercing >o<; Congrats on getting it Lisa <3

  21. HI!!! wow,.. seems your enjoying your new piercing...

    yeah.. i feel bad too about haloscan... they have upgraded to paid services...

    belated happy birthday.. btw--


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