outing with my 2 awesome cyberfriends!

Hello earthlings!

went out with Amelia & Qing today~
we went to watch a movie after my friend recommended me to watch
well... nobody wants to accompany me to watch it once i said...

"it's a horror movie...."

so yeahhh, i smsed amelia and qing to go watch it with me!

the movie is actually NC16 but we managed to get through! (i'm 16 but amelia and qing are not)
omggg, the person did not even ask us for our ezlink card, is he too lazy or because we look old?

My Ex.


sorry for adding another horror poster into my blog entries
okay so yeahh....

i think this movie is not that scary, don't think i'll have nightmares or anything (i still think paranormal activity is scarier..)
except for some parts i can't help but to cover my ears

Amelia and qing have been closing their eyes whenever they think the ghost might appear so most of the scenes they did not manage to see it
and one part i can't stop laughing was when the ghost suddenly appear, amelia got shocked and jump to me

i swear it's really funny!! Can't stop laughing whenever i remember her expression...
the only part i got shocked was the ending, pretty stupid though

so after the movie, we went to walk around to buy qing's school bag and presents for amelia's friend.
so tempting to buy that polka dot bag but i already got cookie and i'm broke so... oh mannnnn... (cookie is my bag's name if you don't know, hahaha)

went to mac to have a quick bite since we're kinda hungry.
took quite alot of pictures most of my pictures will be in my facebook
and once again, i only accept people i know

Thanks qing for the birthday present i will open it on my birthday, hehe
will be meeting amelia again as she'll be passing my something

anyway, check this out!

You are Blue Panther, who is cheerful, lively and light hearted person.
You can keep reason and emotion at a good balance.
You are gentle and peaceful too.
You have deep and wide relationships with people, and there are some whom you would have a long relationship with.
You possess fashionable sense and are well dressed that make people turn around in the street.
You are not good at objective way of thinking.
You rely on your preferences, and the instinct of that moment.
Therefore you cannot accumulate plans.
You are also weak on making quick solutions and coming out with conclusions through careful and strict analysis.
You tend to not be able to find your life objective.
You find your objective through the situation you are in, and by the support of the people around you.
This makes your life divide into two sections, and there may be a possibility that you may lead a totally different life.
You are extremely sensitive and possess natural sense of instinct.
You think too much about people's opinion, and are always feeling unsettled.
You are a romantic sort of person in that you lead your life according to your beliefs rather than depending on talent and capability.
Even after you get married, you should keep your career that requires your good fashion sense.
You will be a good but rather obstinate wife and a mother.

those that are highlighted means i strongly agree with it! the rest, i'm not really sure about it, i sucks at knowing myself
but one thing i really know about myself is I AM EXTREMELY SENSITIVE.
so so so sensitive, i get hurt easily with the littlest things, trust me.
got this from Doubutsu Uranai
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  1. hi nice to meet your blog is so sweet i want link you

  2. the movie poster seems pretty scary x__x

    and is that a sony ericsson phone i spy in the photo?
    if so..what model is it? its so cute XD

  3. hey lisa,
    I'm fine =)
    btw, are you using SE W705?
    im using it too.


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