Paranormal Activity

Sorry for neglecting my blog Do not the have the mood to update this few days
feeling a little down due to some problems

another reason is just because i have nothing to blog since everyday is going through the same thing Just hate how boring my life is
so anw... i finally have something to blog about because...



Watched this movie at home with my sister today! i can never watch horror movies alone... except for orphan because my sister was still in school so i have to watch it alone

okay so anyway....

OMG! This show is so creepy! it's not really scary at all, it's creepy instead.
(anw, having this picture in my blog scares me)
The starting is kinda boring, but when it comes to night time, oh wow~~~ (not telling...)

I don't like the ending at all! Hate those endings that makes you think & think
But the ending is pretty scary, something you never expected it to be
Not gonna say much about the show, just watch if you're interested
But anyway, just wanna warn you.... NIGHT #21

Better get yourself a pillow or whatever OMG, the scene is still in my head

oh mannnnn... i hope this is not based on true story
But... is it based on true story

I'm scared to sleep tonight

5 more days to my birthday! OMG, i'm not really looking forward to it
but i got a little wish, a secret little wish
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