Blogger picnic meet up

야호~!! :022: Today's Blogger picnic meet up was awesome:093:
Had really delicious food made by them :156:
shall post a short summary first before posting the pictures :162:

Woke up really early this morning :142: to meet Sophia to buy ingredients for the sushi :108: (the food we're preparing....) :001:
after we've finished making and preparing everything, we met up with Amelia first then Jing qing and Miko :178: at Cityhall platform :206:

When we've reached Marina Barrage, it was slighting drizzling :065:
but luckily we managed to find a good spot with shelter :141::141::141:
Laid out the mat to place our food :145: and started eating and chatting. :005:
The scenery there was really nice! and it was really windy, which made my hair fly all over my face... :031:

Onigiri made by Jing qing, it was really delicious! she designed it so beautifully that i don't really bear to unwrap it :044: but of course i did in the end..

one of the cute shaped mini sandwich with raspberry jam :174: made by Miko.
There are other shapes too but did not managed to take a shot of it :061:
and then i took a few shots of Jing qing's holga, it's so nicely decorated we have to take a picture of it! :048:

*rest of the pictures can be found @ facebook*
after eating those delicious home-made food and chatting, we went to catch a movie called "Gulliver's Travels" :014:

It was kinda funny, rated :174::174::174: stars for me. :080:
after that everyone are back to their own sweet home :164:
we're planning on going to Wild wild wet after chinese new year :145: *which we'll be able to have money to spend on*

School's starting soon for me, i'm not excited for it, for now because i have not buy my bag yet! :085: maybe i'll get it next week.
Ending my post here, do leave a comment :158: and click on my nuffnang ad if there's one! :023:

30th december 2010, another day to remember.

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  1. The food are so cute. :D
    OMG, I want a holga so bad. o_o
    And, I've wanted to watch that movie...but I have no time. :(
    Glad you had fun at your blogger picnic meet up. ^^

  2. I wished I was there :B Hehe! Glad that you enjoyed! LISA and SOPHIA's sushi and QING's onigiri make me hungryyy -growl-

  3. those pictures are adorable!! <3

    X N

  4. aww...cute camera you have there... :) You really have fun huh.. :D

  5. i absolutely adore the pictures!!! <3 everything is so cute!!!

  6. Yeah! Wow! The food looks appetizing to me! Lovely outing of lovely girls! Haha! :D

  7. Oh, the pictures are really nice ^^
    I also love the cutie purple camera xD
    Wish I could own one... kaka xD
    It's really nice that u have already met face-to-face... :3

  8. Whoa, Blogger Picnic Meet Up sounds great! (^O^) I never had a picnic with bloggers before this.. Because I don't know many Malaysian bloggers who live in Sabah.. (.__. )

  9. Aww, I love your header! You girls look so cute <3
    My blog: caramel--coffee.blogspot.com

  10. This is so lovely! Loving all the pictures, so refreshing! And I didn't know they had a remake of Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black! That's awesome.

    ps: Happy New Year!

  11. Thanks for your comment in our blog :3
    Your blog seems very good! *w*
    Anyway, I wanna those bears!! ;w;

  12. Lisa you look so kawaii!!~~ ^o^ I love the picture of you with the Holga and your green shirt rocks! (where did you get it?? XD )
    The heart shaped sandwich and onigiri looks so yummy. That little picnic looked like fun. Wish you the best in 2011 and keep up with your lovely posts <3


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