During waiting time at Bangkok Airport

Thank god the ripper removed my skin :045: i hope he/she will not rip it again.
If you're not happy with me, you don't have to spam my tagboard or rip my layout :058:
you can always find me @ pink-addiction@hotmail.com
I took a lot of effort for it, make peace! :028: :141:


I can't wait for tomorrow! :178::178::178:
Finally the day is gonna come, blogger picnic meet up! :145:
will blog about it tomorrow, provided i'm not tired after the outing... :001:
shall update a few pictures :162: taken at Bangkok Airport about what i ate while waiting for the time for our flight :217:

yeah right, i ate ice cream haha! It was mad delicious... :013:
Look at all those flavours! makes me feel like trying every flavour of them :088:
but of course delicious ice creams comes with expensive prices, oh well.....

Decided to try Mango flavour and chocolate flavour~
The mango flavour was really sour :010: i guess people who loves sour would like that :145:

the chocolate ice cream was under the mango ice cream therefore you can see it :084:

and it's so delicious..... :011:
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  1. those ice creams look so eyecandy!
    anyway, a blogger meet up? i wish i can come. haha. :))

    X N

  2. awww...yummy Ice creams !!! I love the chocolate one :D

  3. aaaahhhh so delicious! o_o
    I think I fell inlove with the butter scotch oreo. <3 Haha. >_>

  4. omg those ice cream! im drooling wow I wanna try it. <33

    I am an ice cream lover. how much is that? :3

    oh btw great skin hihi I liked it <3

  5. Feel happy for you that the ripper finally removed the skin! There will alw be rippers ard -.-''' anw, the ice cream looks delicious!

  6. The ice cream looks so good! I wanna try it ^____^
    Btw, there is a blogger's meet up? That's cool :)

  7. Whahaha! The ice-cream looks yummmy <3 Enjoy yourself today :)
    And..MAKE PEACE -- I like :)

  8. Ice-cream~~~ (*O*) I ate rainbow sprinkled ice-cream just now! XDXD What a coincidence! (^_~)

  9. gah! pretty food!!! I bet they were delicious, too. :)


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