well, i got ripped again. :073: this is my third time and it's so annoying! :077:
all my effort are gone once again... why must this always happen to me! :137:
anyway, help me to report and complain if you have a blogskin account, thanks~ :057: http://www.blogskins.com/me/xoxolovees

If it's not removed i might decide to:
:228: private my blog :146:
:229: use layouts from blogskins
:230: or, i'll just quit blogging since i'll be busier next year.

So sick of all these shit, thanks for ruining my day :055:
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  1. Cheer up Lisa! Only those bloggers with potential got ripped!

  2. cheer up lisa and yr potential blogging skills will be staying with u forever no matter what coz all of us will support u :D.Stay calm and strong yeah lisa♥♥♥

  3. Cheer up!! God knows what he will do to that ripper :D God will not leave you alone..Don't worry.. Nice new layie...btw... :-*

  4. Don't worry, I think the ripper had removed your layout from his/her account =D

  5. Chill! :D
    Wow, the third time? *maybe the same ripper O.O* the serial ripper.

    Lisa, please don't stop blogging! >.<
    Diyana @dancingsqueen.blogspot.com

  6. awww lisa. don't ever try to do those thingsss! :((

    i hope that blogskin will be removed. >:[ i know there's alot of bloggers who will report that thing!

    X N


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