My birthday ♥

My birthday yesterday was really really happy :3
woke up quite early to meet him and got kind of irritated when he's taking a long time to meet me.
Waited for like half an hour and I don't like to wait for people LOL.
but I will always make people wait for me... Bad habit teehee*
Met him downstairs his house and when he came down he told me he forgot to bring his ez-link card so I followed him up to get it.

When we reached his house door he told me to try to unlock his house door.
I started to feel that he's weird then hahaha.
Thought to myself like...

"why should I open the door.. who won't know how to open a door! err.."
I didn't dare to open the door at first hahaha.

The first thing I saw when I opened the door :')

Isn't it so sweet!! I've been having a lot of bad dreams for quite a long period of time.. so he gave me a dream catcher ;) He's so cute..
He was late because of doing this thing for me. Felt a little guilty for losing my patience. Sorrrryyyyyy.
And then he told me to look to my right.

It was the sweetest thing ever..
I've seen all sorts of sweet stuff on tumblr but I didn't know my own boyfriend would do it for me.
I seriously went "awww!!" in my heart.
I can't really express it on my face but I was really happy inside :-)
So seriously freaking sweet... How can I say no?
We went for grocery shopping after that because he wanted to cook for me.

Basically everything he cooked are my favourite food hehehe.
I love pasta.. I crave for pasta most of the time when I'm hungry hahaha. And he'll always eat it with me when we're out. (I think he's bored of it already LOL)
I love egg & ham a lot too. And there's stingray!!!
I fell in love with it the other time he BBQ for me to try. It was soooo delicious.
After that we watched "Saw 7" which was really gross. I can't stand gore but this one was quite okay.

"To make someone happy you don't have to buy expensive gifts and spend so much.
It's the little things that counts after all..
" :-)

It was really a happy birthday ^-^ Thank you dear! You're the sweetest and bestest boyfriend

* * *

The latest things I bought.

My new leopard print wallet

My new leopard print umbrella

Isn't it pretty!!! omg I LOVE LEOPARD PRINT STUFF
I saw a bag that's really cute! Thinking of buying it but I already have so many at home. :(
I don't mind having more but my mum will nag at me! Should I buy?
I think I should... Can't stop thinking about it.. it's only $18!

waiting for my bf to end his work so I can ask him for his opinion while drinking my favourite milk tea right now hehehe
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  1. Aaaaw!!! That´s like the cutest thing I´ve ever heard a boy had done ! ^^ Happy birthday !


  2. omg that's was so adorable <3

  3. Awwwwwww it's so sweet Lisaa!! You're the lucky girl ;)) Teehee.

    You're lucky both of you can meet everytime you want! While us, we are so far far away that I could get to meet him so seldom, can be over once a year ;C

    But this week he's coming to my place afterwork so I am excited! I wonder what you wrote there,

    ""To make someone happy you don't have to buy expensive gifts and spend so much.
    It's the little things that counts after all..""

    Do you think so? I bought him a birthday gift last time but I don't think he will like it? ;C That's the best I can buy, there was this thing, much better but I couldn't afford it ;C it costed me $2,000 sob~ I can only buy this $50 >.< Do you think he will be okay with this small present? T.T

    Ppl keep saying, the sincere and the heart that matter, but I keep thinking about it~ >.<

    Re:: Haha! I know it's hard :) but what's hard is the burden to be copied. I was furious about knowing I was copied but now I don't even care. It's just that sometimes I worry people would accuse me the copycat one! It's hard to explain right? >.<

    Oh, I can't seem to find her blog already :/ I can't track it, seems like she changed URL or else~ Well, it's okay for now ^_^ Yup me too! I like my birth month as well it gets me excited :)

    Sorry for the v v long post~~ Especially when I asked you opinion~~ I am uber panic now >.< no $ left ;(

  4. Thanks for the reply! I definitely appreciate it ^__^

    Yup~ Maybe it's true when each other starts to get busy, there will be lesser time to meet. But you both can meet on weekends right? ^^

    The truth is, we met online, and he's overseas now >__< I don't believe it until now even people around me don't believe we could actually meet and really care of each other but up until this point, we're together and we have sweet days! ^-^ Sometimes I take it easy but knowing his efforts of paying big amount of money to come to my place, it was really touching >_< Sometimes I feel crazy for not meeting almost a year and thought oh he's with other girl already, always have this insecure feeling but lately I could deal with it. And we still keep in touch ^_^

    Thanks for the advice! I just hope he will like the present despite of its price ;(

    You're right! I used to like cute and unique layie but lately I realised that blog's main part is its content. Cute layout but lousy posts are just the same, bad.

    You're right, as long as you post something on the net, it'll be copied. That's the risk, :)

    I am currently thinking of working small works too ^_^ good luck for finding the job. And thanks for the reply~ Really appreciate it <3

  5. awww.... that is so sweet and cute :D have a happy valentine's day


    Omg your bf is so übersweet! I'm jealous haha you are really lucky girl :)


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Whoa! Happy belated birthday Lisa! It's sooo damn late D:
    sorry :(((

    Btw your boyfriend is the coolest! hahaha! If my boyfriend did that to me, I think I would be very happy xD

    I'm glad that you were having a good time :** take care my dear Lisa, best pal ever! ;D

  9. Aww your boyfie is so romantic! :3 ♥ And the pasta he cooked for you looks yummy! :9

  10. wow u are so lucky .... =) take good care of your relationship =)


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