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Hey! ♡
An anon from really long ago left me a message on my tumblr for my sticker collection so I thought I'd just take a few of them while I have some time today!
I can't post all of them though. My love for stickers grew and so did my collection. They were too much to take a picture of every single one of them so I'll just post my current favourites for now! c:

I will be posting more of these in the future though so if you're interested to follow my collection of stickers then keep catching up on my new posts heh ♡
People might think my hobby is a waste of money but honestly, stickers and stationery make me so happy and my goal is to always do whatever that makes me happy. c:

I never liked using stickers that I bought because I wouldn't bear to at all but recently, I wanted to "record" memories and events with my boyfriend and I really wanted it to be DIY-ed and physically with me instead of just creating a separate blog for it or an app which I used to in the past. So after that, I've decided to start on something which is gonna put my stickers to good use!
I'll talk about that in a separate blog post~ for now, enjoy some picture spam of my favourites~ ♡

Rainy days! Raindrops or any that are linked to rainy days are my favourite type of stickers! I just like the shape of raindrops and the feeling of rainy days. Sad, gloomy, yet calm.
I have quite a few of them but these two are my favourite out of all my "rainy day" themed stickers!

I'm not really a fan of bread but I am a fan of how bread looks. They look so soft and squishy.
(and not forgetting how nice they smell too)

Food stickers! Another type of my favourite sticker collection.
I love food and I want to explore different cafes all around so these different food stickers are gonna come in handy eheh.

Travel stickers! I've traveled to a few places with my boyfriend the past year~ These look so cute for travelling memories. Hopefully we'll get to travel to more places together c: The travel cat is my top fav omg.

Rilakkuma stickers!!! I love sanrio characters SO MUCH and rilakkuma is my favourite out of all. I still have so many of them but these are my tops. Aren't they the cutest thing ever ;~; I love them so much. I hope one day I'll be brave enough to stick them onto my instax camera.

Jinbei-san~ The cutest whale ever on earth eheh. Never thought I'd love a whale character. Sanrio is amazing.

Some of my favourite "packet stickers"! They're different stickers in packs~ The balloon memo is my favourite out of all my memo collections. (yes, I collect a few cute sticky memos too)

My current favourite sticker packs out of all sticker packs LOL. Couldn't choose between all 4 so I got all of them. I love doggos.

Tapes! These decorative tapes remind me of my childhood ;~; I love dressing up characters in sticker form. They're just so fun and way cuter! They're really expensive though so I only got 1 set..
Definitely getting the rest in the near future.

My top favourite washi tapes!! And of course one of them got to be rain drops and the rest are pink ahaha~ 

These. are. my. favourite OMG. I LOVE CHERRY BLOSSOMS (SAKURA) You can just peel the petals one by one and it'll look super cute on anywhere you decide to paste them on.

If you're interested in the brand! Their range of stickers are irresistible. 

These are not sakura petals though! But I thought they look so cute too so I decided to get it. No regrets. Similar to the sakura petals and bigger in size but not as cute as my sakura tho. But still, love it!

Decorative tapes! They work just like "correction tapes" but just in patterns. Adorbs. 

My current pencil case which is the shape of like a milk carton! Gets me excited than I already am whenever I need to use stationery. 

Got this weird looking character pencil case too to store my coloured markers because I just love weird looking things/characters LOL. I got 3 pencil cases because I'm just a lover of stationery and 1 case isn't enough to store my hoarding of stationery. Don't ever take me to a bookstore and expect me to come out empty handed without stationery ahaaa.

Anyway, here's a picture of how I store my stickers, tapes and stationery! My collection might not be as much as some other people out there but it sure is a handful LOL. That plastic case filled with stickers are gonna break apart real soon ;~; got to find a more durable case because it sure ain't gonna last for long ahaha.

I shall end my sticker collection post here!
Next post will be a review and then I'll work on a post on what I use my stickers for mentioned earlier! See you ♡
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