Klenspop Choco Doll & Enviable Brown Review

My skin have been doing terrible so I've been trying my best not to show much of my face LOL.
They're better now after like weeeeks so finally I have the confidence (and with the help of concealer) to take some pictures again aha!
As usual I'm back with another review of circle lenses from my trusty Klenspop store! c:
This time I will be reviewing new lenses called "Choco Doll" and "Enviable Brown" (love the cute names)

The design is soft and not harshly pixelated which makes your eyes look gentle. A really simple brown circle lens to enhance your already brown eyes. (like mine)
Very natural! I really like brown lenses like this one because I've been going for simple eye make up lately and this really blends well with it.
You can't really see the pattern once you put on though but I'm totally okay with it since this is not a very enlarging lens which will make your eyes look creepy.

Comfortable unless you're wearing it for long hours. It'll start to feel dry around the 6 hour mark which is totally common and normal. Will get a little dry in air-conditioned room so please get yourself eye drops! No shifting so overall, comfortable!

Depending on the size of your iris. For mine, it'll be a very little enlargement which helps to make my eyes look a little more awake. Without these lenses I'll look pretty sleepy aha.

My go-to circle lens for now! I really like this one because it just helps to make my eyes look more awake especially when I have to go to work without glasses! If I'm going for a simple make up look I'd definitely choose this one c:

You can purchase "Choco Doll" from here!

A brown yet a little tinge of yellow to it so it's not really the brownish kind of brown!
I love the outer ring so much because it is not the typical circle lens with a solid black ring around it. This one has a little pixel/feathery outer ring so it makes it look pretty special. I really dislike circle lenses with one solid colour aha but this one isn't so your eyes wouldn't look so fake.

It is okay for me, just a little blurring here and there. Probably because of the lenses being too huge so there will be a little shifting for me. Might be a different case for people with bigger eyes though. Everyone's eyes are different c: but for me, yeah.. a little shifting.

DRASTIC. LOL. It's soooo huge! I think it'll be more suitable for cosplay or people that generally like big enlarging circle lenses. Without make up your eyes will look like a bug's eye though aha but after putting on eyeliner and such, they look okay.

I think it's unique but just a little too big for me to use it for everyday wear.
Cosplayers can pick this! I might pick this one if I happen to put on thicker eye make up or drawing on longer eyeliner for that day. Suitable for you if you're going for events too!

You can purchase "Enviable Brown" from here!

Alright that's it for the review!

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