Pinkicon User Select 1 Day Natural in Misty Grey Review

Hello everyone! ♡
I am excited for today's post because I will be blogging on my very first pair of daily lens! I've always been using monthly lenses and Pinkicon was nice to contact me to review on one of their lenses so I've picked the "User Select 1 Day" (Natural) in Misty Grey! c:
I've seen this daily circle lens brand being pretty popular in Japan and always wanted to try it SO BADLY! It's unavailable in my country so I thought I'll only get to try it when I'm in Japan but thanks to Pinkicon, I'm now able to give it a try!! c:

Pinkicon is the largest online Korean contact lens store in Hong Kong where they provide a wide range of circle lenses. All products are 100% authentic and sourced directly from Korean manufacturers so be sure to check out their website if you are interested in shopping for circle lenses! c:

Now on to the review~

The inner package were nicely wrapped and so were the lenses in it! Inside the package came with a brochure and a booklet as well on the different circle lenses that you can find on Pinkicon website c: There was also an instructions leaflet, handy for people who are still new and unsure on putting on/caring for circle lenses!

I really like the booklet filled with the different circle lenses and Japanese models omg they're so pretty I'm so in love ;~;

The pair I got was "Misty Grey"! c: SO IN LOVE with the packaging omg pastel colours and Japan? MY FAVOURITE.

There are a total of 5 pairs per box. Really worth the price in my opinion! Even the lenses are packed in pretty colours ;~; Packaging is really a plus for me ahah.

One major plus point of daily lenses are how convenient they are! Whenever you need to put on a pair of lenses, just break off and peel the seal and you're ready to put them on! Just make sure to wash your hands and dry them well before you touch your lenses.
At the end of the day you just have to remove it and throw them away, no extra care needed! Super convenient.

Really natural pair of grey lenses! No bold outer ring, colours were really soft and look so delicate. Having them on my eyes turned my eyes into this gentle grey colour which I really like because I prefer softer looking eyes compared to really distinct colours for my circle lenses.
So instead of a very striking bold grey, it's a soft natural grey! Totally living up to its "natural" name. c:

So so comfortable! Daily lenses are generally more comfortable as they are thin and our eyes adapt to them better. They're also easier to put on and remove. My eyes felt really comfortable and clear with them on! And to add on, these lenses are really soft when I took them out. I was so worried they'll tear because they're just thin and soft. (but of course I didn't)

A little enlargement, not a very drastic one. Depends on individual's size of iris!

I really like my first experience of putting on a pair of daily circle lens! The grey was soft and pretty and they really suit my current make up style. I really like how natural they are too! They were really convenient because after that I don't have to disinfect them with solution as I can dispose them away right after.
I can see myself reaching for these lenses on occasions where I'll have to be out for long hours! I really recommend these if you are able to afford dailies or if you have to wear them for a long time for better comfort. Will definitely purchase this in other colours if I have the chance to when I visit Japan! (MY DREAM) ;~; ♡♡♡

You can purchase "User Select 1 Day" in Misty Grey from here!
There are also other colours available, just visit Pinkicon website for more.

Personally I think daily lenses would differ for individuals as it depends on your lifestyle and also how much you're able to afford them.
I'll do up a little summary between daily and monthly lenses for any of my readers who keep up with my circle lens posts! c: ♡

Difference between daily lenses and monthly lenses

Daily lenses are to be worn ONCE only and to be disposed at the end of the day which is more convenient while Monthly lenses have to pay more care to it by disinfecting it with solution and can be reused until its expiry date. (1 month)

Daily lenses are less durable than monthly lenses as they are thin and you will have to be extra careful while handling with them. Thinner lenses = more comfort!
Daily lenses are easier to put on and remove and are more comfortable compared to monthly lenses as our eyes get used to it better due to its thin-ness.
Please do not wear them to sleep and remember to dispose at the end of the day. (You might forget as they're comfortable and feel like you have nothing on)

Daily lenses are safer and cleaner as they will not be reused compared to monthly ones that you can keep reusing. Daily lenses are less prone to infections as well due to lesser deposit build up and also it being more gentle to the eyes.

Daily lenses are more expensive and is more suitable for people who occasionally wear circle lenses or you have to attend long hour events while monthly lenses are more for people who wear them daily! But if you are able to afford daily lenses for daily wear, why not?

Both are good in their own ways and it all depends on your lifestyle to see which suits you better!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed typing this post!
and also, thank you Pinkicon for sending me these! c:
See you on my next post! ♡
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