Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette Swatches + Review

Holy peach! Finally got my hands on the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette!!
Ever since it was launched I've wanted to own it SO MUCH but the price was really pricey and I just couldn't bear to part with my $72(sgd) ;~;
Passed by Sephora COUNTLESS TIMES to test and sniff it (ho boi) and kept telling myself to walk off because I'm broke but decided to snatch it while Sephora was having their 20% sales for black card members!!

I'M SO EXCITED AND HAPPY. Finally owning it and being able to open it up and swatch it after taking pictures for a blog post omg!! (yes i will not open a product before i take a pic of them aha)

Can we just take a look at the packaging omfg it's so cute I'm such a sucker for cute packaging!
I love peaches in general and having a eyeshadow palette with peaches on them? SNATCHED.
Just from the packaging enough you can smell the scent of peaches omg and once you open the eyeshadow palette holy mother the smell is HEAVEN.
You can just smell peaches all over! To be honest, I was low key worried of ants crawling in because it just smells that sweet!

So the material of this eyeshadow palette is in a tin material that looks similar to those tin pencil boxes that I used to own plenty of when I was young. I actually really like that because it just look and feel extra cute.
It also has a magnetic closure! I really hope I wouldn't scratch the packaging or it rusting though. It'll break my heart lmao.

Peachy looking eyeshadow palette with peachy scent? SNATCHED.

The shades are so beautiful I'm crying ;~;
Other than the cute packaging and the yummy scent, one of the reasons why I really want to own this palette is how beautiful these shades are.
I've been loving the whole coral and peachy make up look and when this palette was launched I just knew this will be the one because the peach/coral make up colours in my mind can be found in this palette!

(L to R: caramelized, candied peach, just peachy, georgia, cobbler, luscious, peaches 'n cream, nectar, white peach)

The lighter colours like white peach, nectar and peaches 'n cream will need a little more effort in having the colours showing up. I swatched like 3-4 times in order to get that opacity but I think that's normal for lighter shades!
The shade that took the longest for me up have it show up will be georgia! Idk if it's my skin tone or anything but boy I tried swatching it for 6 times or more for it to appear properly on my wrist! But personally I like that shade if you can get the shade to appear though because it just looks so soft. (the look I'm going for)

Candied peach is actually the shade that I foresee me using a lot! It's such a pretty coral peach colour ;~; This shade was also the only colour to hit pan whenever I visit Sephora to swatch it! I guess it must be many's favourite colour as well aha.

My favourite shades from here would be luscious, georgia, just peachy, candied peach!

(L to R: talk derpy to me, delectable, charmed, i'm sure, summer yum, peach pit, tempting, puree, bellini, bless her heart)

I think all the brown toned colours are so pretty! I most likely wouldn't use the darker shades because I'm still an eyeshadow beginner lmao I'll probably end up looking like a panda aha. But the darker shades are pretty pigmented! "Bless her heart" only took me 1 swipe for it to look pigmented and bellini was pretty smooth as well.

Most of the shades were smooth and buttery to swatch and they appeared pretty pigmented while the lighter shades are a little chalky.
The shades that are less smooth would be tempting and talk derpy to me, probably because of the glitter? Talk derpy to me was hard to blend which explains why it looked a little messy compared to the rest aha.

My favourite shades from here would be bellini, puree, charmed I'm sure!

I only wish there were more peach/coral shades but overall YES! I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase and would definitely use these palette a lot on days that I wanna slap on some eyeshadow!

That's it for this Too faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette swatches and mini review post!
Thank you for reading~
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